Magical Gifts from the Rowan Tree

I offer a number of handcrafted items made from the magical wood of the rowan tree. These include traditional rowan crosses, ritual wands, runes of rowan, pendants and charms. You may see these items and more at the following link......  

if you do not see an item listed on, just contact me. I always have stock on hand even if it is not listed.

Rowan Crosses

Currently I have Rowan Crosses of many sizes.

 If you are interested in a particular size of Rowan Cross, just drop me a note and let me know what size you are requesting.


Pendants, Runes and Wands

Rowan leaves burned on a slice of rowan wood

Rowan wand


All of the rowan wands I craft have the Ogham symbol for rowan burned into them.  On some items, I also enjoy burning a small rowan leaf on them.

wands and runes






rowan runes

rowan runes in a slightly smaller size