The Rowan Tree

 Many of us, (myself included),  have grown up in regions of the world where the rowan tree does not thrive due to climate. If so, you are probably unfamiliar with this rather small, slender tree. The botanical name for the rowan tree is Sorbus Aucuparia L, a rather small tree growing no more than thirty feet high.

If you are searching for a large forest full of rowan, you may be disappointed. Rowan trees tend to pop up here and there. 

I have seen many a lone rowan tree dotting the upper elevations of Dartmoor as you can see in the photo below.  The rowan tree is often called the "Lady of the Mountain" for its ability to grow at higher elevations. Of course,  you can also  rowan trees planted in small groups among shopping centres and round abouts near towns and villages.

A  young rowan tree growing near Bowermans Nose, Dartmoor, UK